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Orphaned Spirit Book Cover The Power to Heal from Child Abuse Lou Sadler, author of Orphaned Spirit the Power to Heal from Child Abuse

Orphaned Spirit ... The Power to Heal

  Chapter 1 of Orphaned Spirit The Power of Healing from child abuse  
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"For anyone involved in sexual healing, metaphysical healing, and prison ministry, [this book] is a unique, creative source of inspiration and guidance." -- Susan Nettleton, MD, associate minister, Hillside Community Church

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Could you survive—even prosper—after a childhood of horrific abuse in every imaginable form?  Lou Sadler, author of Orphaned Spirit…The Power to Heal, did just that.  His mission with this book is to help others who have suffered into adulthood from the consequences of child abuse.

Forced by a lawsuit to publicly tell the tale of abuses he suffered as a youth, Mr. Sadler chose to turn what many would view a shameful history into victory.  He shares with his readers how his spirit was crushed as a boy, and how the impact on his self-esteem found its way into sabotaging his adulthood.  Ultimately, through a lot of hard work and techniques used by everyone from Jesus to Neale Donald Walsch, he found ways to heal his orphaned spirit.

The book Orphaned Spirit begins tragically, but by the end readers are given time-tested tools and techniques (conventional and controversial) to heal their own spirit from a haunting childhood.

This memoir targets the self-help, psychology, inspirational, and autobiographical markets, which are enjoying tremendous success in the publishing industry today.

Mr. Sadler is also available for speaking engagements, private/group counseling, healing seminars, and retreats aimed at healing the orphaned spirit that lies at the heart of both abusers and those who’ve been abused.


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